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F Amigo Roll
$ 9.99
Famous Albuquerque chill roll stuffed cream cheese, spicy crab meat.

Served with house spicy sauce and eel sauce.

Best Friend
$ 10.99
Fresh tuna, salmon, red snapper, avocado wrapped with soy paper.

Chef's Roll
$ 11.99
Shrimp tempura, crab meat wrapped. Fresh tuna masago and spicy

mayo dressing on topped.

$ 9.99

Avocado, crab, cooked shrimp wrapped. Deep fried lightly.

Served with house eel sauce and hot sauce.
$ 9.99
Crab, cooked shrimp, avocado, hot sauce wrapped.
Served with hot sauce and spicy mayo, scallions.


Crunchy Munchy
$ 10.99

Shrimp tempura, crab meat wrapped. Spicy crab meat on topped

with tempura crunch and dressing.

Fire Cracker
$ 11.99

Asparagus, jalapeno, spicy crab meat wrapped. Spicy tuna and

topped with house dressing. Radish sprout and scallions.

Fire Dragon
$ 11.99
Crab meat, fresh water eel wrapped.
Spicy tuna and spicy mayo topped.
$ 11.99

Eel, shrimp tempura, avocado wrapped. Spicy tuna with tobiko topped.

Served with house dressing.
Golden California Roll
$ 9.99
California roll topped w/ salmon. Lightly deep fried w/ panko.
Las Vegas
$ 8.99
Avocado, cream cheese, eel wrapped. lightly deep fried.
Served with eel sauce.